Provider Claim Summary Paper-to-Electronic Conversion Coming March 1, 2017

November 22, 2016

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) recognizes immediate access to the Provider Claim Summary (PCS) is vital for posting patient accounts and reconciling financials. Often times, providers who receive this information via post office mail are waiting on delivery, which delays administrative processes.

As of Dec. 12, 2016, a new report viewer application will be available in the BCBSTX branded Payer Spaces section on the Availity™ Web portal Learn more about third-party links. This new tool permits you to readily view, download, save and/or print the PCS online, as often as needed. This report viewer offers you the opportunity to obtain claim outcome results for multiple patients, in one central location.

Effective Mar. 1, 2017, claim summary information will be delivered through this online report viewer application, rather than distribution via paper mailing. This online alternative is an additional offering to our other electronic tools through Availity. If you currently rely on paper claim summaries, Availity registration is strongly recommended to gain access to the report viewer application

Providers who are already enrolled for Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) from BCBSTX will continue receiving their remittances electronically, but will also have the same opportunity to view, download, and/or print the claim summary as a complimentary option.

Exceptions to continue receiving paper mailing may be considered for extenuating circumstances. To submit this type of exception or request training for online applications, contact Otherwise, beginning Mar 1, 2017 claim summary information will be accessible exclusively on the report view application on Availity. Additionally, providers will be directed to make use of the BCBSTX report view application if an exception request is not received by Feb. 17, 2017. The exception review process may require up to 5 business days before a response is returned.

BCBSTX supports an array of online tools to registered Availity users, including the report viewer, at no additional cost. To register, simply go to Availity Learn more about third-party links , select Register and complete the online application today.

Additional communication regarding the above-referenced change will be published in upcoming Blue Review editions, as well as our Provider website.

Availity is a trademark of Availity, L.L.C., a separate company that operates a health information network to provide electronic information exchange services to medical professionals. Availity provides administrative services to BCBSTX. BCBSTX makes no endorsement, representations or warranties regarding any products or services offered by third party vendors such as Availity. If you have any questions about the products or services offered by such vendors, you should contact the vendor(s) directly.