Alert! Online Benefits May be Unavailable Due to Annual Updates

January 11, 2011

Our online options typically offer the fastest, most up-to-date and efficient method for obtaining eligibility and benefits, claim status, and other information for BCBSTX members.

However, we wanted to alert you that we are currently making system updates due to benefit changes requested by our employer groups. If system maintenance is being conducted on a particular employer group, you and/or your billing service or clearinghouse may receive a different response than usual when attempting to conduct online eligibility and benefits (ANSI 270 transactions) for members of that group.

In these instances, your 271 response is likely to contain only the eligibility information. To obtain benefits for that member, you may be advised to contact BCBSTX Provider Customer Service for assistance.

Again, the annual benefit update process is only temporary while system maintenance is under way. Every attempt will be made to implement changes quickly, so that we may restore availability of benefit information as soon as possible.