Adopt a certified EHR system in your practice and qualify for incentive payments from CMS

December 20, 2010

Although electronic health records (EHR) have been around for decades, they are increasingly being leveraged to help clinicians provide quality, safe care for their patients while creating tangible enhancements to their practices. Physicians and other professional providers who adopt a certified EHR system in their practice can qualify to receive up to $44,000 over five years through Medicare and up to $63,750 over six years through Medicaid.

In fact, the availability of an EHR may soon be a “minimum standard” for new physicians, public and private payers and patients. Practices that do not meet ‘meaningful use’ criteria will face Medicare penalties beginning in 2015.

While EHRs do require upfront investment for the technology and training, a fully functional EHR system can lead to long-term savings in a variety of areas. That’s where the Texas Regional Extension Centers  can help.

Texas’ four regional extension centers, which are among 62 regional extension centers nationally, have been designated as having the experience and capacity necessary to assist health care providers with the task of modernizing their practices with certified EHRs. It can provide assistance in selecting, implementing and preparing EHR systems to connect to health information exchanges in order to achieve meaningful use. Providers enrolled in a regional extension center will receive educational materials and 20 hours of continuing medical education for only $300 a year.

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