Alert - Texas Credentialing Verification Organization

October 19, 2018

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) has been informed of a recent communication providers may have received offers to help providers through the credentialing process for a fee ($250). Please be aware, the Credentialing Verification Organization (CVO) process used by BCBSTX is free to providers. BCBSTX, Aperture®, nor Availity® charge a fee to become a credentialed provider.

In April 2018, BCBSTX began utilizing the services of Aperture as our CVO. If you receive any correspondence asking you for money to be credentialed, do not proceed. This is not BCBSTX or Aperture's process. Protecting your information is critical. All new and currently contracted providers with BCBSTX receive credentialing correspondence from Aperture® at no charge. If you have any questions about whether a Texas credentialing communication is legitimate from Aperture, send your questions to

Remember to join any of the BCBSTX provider networks, you may request a contract/agreement on the Network Participation page.