Announcing the Asthma Care Collaborative Initiative in Central Texas

Asthma affects more children than any other chronic disease and is one of the most frequent reasons for hospital admissions among children (Texas Asthma Plan, 2011–2014, Texas Department of State Health Services). As part of our efforts to improve the health of children (and adults) in Central Texas, we are partnering with two other Medicaid/CHIP MCOs, Seton and Sendero, to address the increasing burden of asthma in our community.

Our process includes the early identification of children and adults with asthma (Medicaid and CHIP) and a quick referral into comprehensive disease management offered by the Seton Asthma Center. The Seton Asthma Center provides home/environmental assessment, education, care coordination, and ongoing asthma plan support to children and families to help them better understand and manage their asthma. This support includes education and motivation regarding trigger recognition, medication adherence, and reducing barriers to effective self-management.

Some of your patients may be eligible for this program. If you have CHIP and STAR asthma patients that you believe would benefit from participation in the Seton Asthma Center Program, and who are covered by BCBSTX, Seton, or Sendero, we encourage you to refer them directly to the Seton Asthma Center for an assessment and introduction of program services. Patients who are eligible for the program, and elect to participate, will receive ongoing support of your asthma action plan for about 12 months. Intervention scope and intensity will be based upon severity of illness, and individual need and preference.

The Seton Asthma Center, located at 5555 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78751, will send you a copy of each patient's initial assessment and plan, and will welcome your feedback. Follow-up reports pertaining to your patient's progress can also be made available to you. An end of program summary will be sent to you once your patient/family has completed the offering.

If you have any suggestions, or would like more information about the Seton Asthma Center or our coverage of their services, please contact the Seton Asthma Center at 512-324-ASMA (2762) or the BCBSTX Medicaid Provider Relations Department at 512-349-4896.