Watch for Claim Number Sequence Changes on Medicare Crossover Claims

BCBSTX has completed an internal system upgrade for Institutional and Professional Medicare Crossover claims to allow for the implementation of the enhanced claim number sequence which is already in place for all other claims.

Previously, all claims coming in to BCBSTX were assigned a 17-digit (numeric only) claim number, also known as the Document Control Number or DCN. Going forward, claim number assignments will include a combination of 17 alpha and numeric characters, with the alpha character appearing within the 11th through 15th positions of the DCN sequence. (Letters such as “I” and “O” will not be used, since they look similar to numbers.)

You will see the new claim number sequence on your Provider Claim Summary (PCS), Electronic Payment Summary (EPS) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), ANSI X12 835. If you are currently receiving a Daily Payer Report (DPR), you will see the new claim number sequence on this report as well.

The DCN allows us to track and manage inventory as the claim is processed. When you call BCBSTX Provider Customer Service with questions on a particular claim – including Medicare Crossover claims – it is important to reference this claim number so that we can research and assist with any inquiries you may have.