RealMed, a healthcare technology firm, in partnership with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, offers a one-vendor revenue cycle solution for providers, which begins when a patient schedules an appointment and ends when the participating provider receives payment.

With RealMed, provider groups enjoy the following features and benefits:

  • Instant adjudication for Texas Blue Cross and Blue Shield claims
  • Full HIPAA compliance with all transaction standards
  • Real-time or batch “universal” EDI claims submission and the return of electronic remittance advices for multiple commercial payers, Medicaid and Medicare
  • Low-cost “drop-to-paper” capabilities for all non-EDI payers
  • Claims status inquiry and reporting capabilities
  • Access to real-time or batch patient eligibility and benefits verification for over 150 top commercial payers, Medicaid and Medicare
  • Faster submission of claims, faster payment from payers and a proven reduction in days receivable outstanding
  • Fewer claim rejections due to three layers of edit checking and claims scrubbing
  • More timely and productive follow-up and resubmission of rejected claims through a simple-to-use online claims management screen
  • Secure, Internet-based service that does not require the purchase of additional software, hardware or extensive training
  • Simple, low-cost, no long-term contract solution for a flat monthly, per provider fee with unlimited transaction volumes

For more information on how RealMed works, details on services offered and system requirements, visit the RealMed  Web site or call our toll-free marketing resources number at 877-REALMED (732-5633).

To sign up with RealMed, access the HCSC Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement  and HCSC Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement Instructions . After completing and signing the Electronic Funds Transfer Rider, send to:

Electronic Commerce Services, 25th Floor
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois
300 East Randolph St.
Chicago, IL 60601

If you have additional questions, please call (312) 653-7954.