Physicians' Advisory Committee (PAC)

HCSC, along with 23 other Blues Plans and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, reached agreement with a nationwide class of physicians (MDs and DOs) to settle a class action lawsuit filed in 2003. The agreement resolves past disagreements between the Plans and physicians; making the commitment to further promote cooperation and communication. HCSC made an independent decision that this agreement is in our best interest because it will strengthen our relationships with physicians and benefit our members.

This will help the Plans to build on more than 70 years of working closely with doctors to improve the health care system and meet customers’ health care delivery needs. Meeting the terms of this settlement agreement will improve provider satisfaction through more consistent reimbursement, easier access to procedures, and a consistent billing dispute process.

The establishment of the Physicians' Advisory Committee is one of the critical Thomas-Love provisions. This provides an opportunity for HCSC to create a forum for open dialogue on issues related to the relationships and interactions between and among Physicians, their patients, and the Blue Plans.

Health Care Services Corporation has established a Physicians' Advisory Committee (PAC). This committee is scheduled to meet twice a year through 2011. The PAC members along with the meeting schedule and meeting minutes are available for your reference.