Individual Coverage Certification

Certain individuals can enroll in health insurance during a special enrollment period. They may qualify if they experience:

  • A decrease in work hours that leads to health benefits being cut
  • Being laid off
  • COBRA coverage ending

Choices for Individuals

Anyone interested in individual coverage can evaluate:

  • Individual and family health care plans
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid

If you’re a producer interested in helping individuals learn about health coverage options, we have resources available to you.

Getting Certified for Individual Coverage

If you need certification to sell individual plans, our producer checklist includes step-by-step instructions to register and use the retail producer portal.

For more information on individual plans, visit our 2021 Retail Readiness page.

Medicare Certification

If you need Medicare certification, our Medicare Training Platform can help you get started. All individual producers and sub-producers are required to take both the AHIP CMS mandated courses and exams and the HCSC CMS mandated courses and exams.

Our Medicare FAQ site can help answer certification questions and offer an overview of next steps.

Additional information can be found on the 2021 Medicare Producer Certification page.