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MDLIVE® Triage

Triage introduces a health issue-specific, interview process that allows patients to give basic information about their chief complaint. The triage questions are meant to provide enough information to find out if the chief complaint can be handled by an MDLIVE doctor. If not, we can redirect the patient without wasting time.

How it Works

When a patient needs to talk to a health care provider, they can schedule a visit or enter our waiting room queue for the next available provider. During the scheduling process, the patient will be asked about his or her health issue.

At this point, the patient may choose from the most common complaints given or enter another issue into the search. Once the problem is defined, the patient will be asked a few questions about the issue.

Some example questions might be:

  • When did your problem start?
  • How do you feel (how much do your symptoms bother you)?
  • Have you had a fever?
  • Can you tell me more about your problem?

Depending on the issue, there may be more questions tailored to the illness.  Following the interview, the patient will proceed through the rest of the scheduling process including

  • updating his or her health profile, 
  • choosing a Provider,if applicable, 
  • visit type, 
  • pharmacy, if necessary, and 
  • making a payment. 

Finally, a consultation confirmation email/text is sent to the patient with instructions on how to proceed with their consultation.