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Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan


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Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan, or MediGap, is a program offered by a private health insurance company like Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas. It helps pay for care that isn't covered by Part A and Part B. While it's optional and only covers one person, you can select your doctors and hospitals.

You can't have a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan and a Medicare Advantage Plan at the same time, so if you have a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan and decide to join a Medicare Advantage Plan, you will have to drop your Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan.

Watch this video to learn about signing up for Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans.

Prescription Drugs

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans don't offer prescription drug coverage.


You can decide how you'll be billed for premium payments:

  • Withdrawn from your bank account each month
  • Every two months
  • Every six months
  • Once a year

Credit card payments aren't allowed.

Out-of-State Travel

If you need care while out-of-state, show your card to the doctor or hospital. If Medicare approves the charges, your visit is covered.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans for the Disabled

You can sign up for Plan A (guaranteed coverage, no questions asked) if you're:

  • Under age 65
  • Medicare Disabled
  • A Texas resident
  • Covered with Medicare Parts A and B

You'll have six months after your Medicare Part B or Eligible Person start date to select Plan A.