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Medicare Supplement Reduced Premium Insurance
Plan Options


Save Money with a Medicare Select* Option

Medicare Select is an option available with five of our Medicare Supplement insurance plans. This option helps you save on premiums when you agree to use one of the hospitals in our Medicare Select Network for non-emergency elective admissions. You get the same solid benefits as our "standard" plans, but your premiums will cost less. And, with Medicare Select, you are fully covered for emergency care at any hospital and you can choose your own doctors and specialists.

Here are the highlights:

  • Medicare Select is available as an option only with Plan F, Plan G, Plan K, Plan L and Plan N.
  • If you do not use one of these hospitals for your non-emergency admissions, you agree to pay the $1,340 Part A deductible and any non-covered charges.
  • Only certain hospitals are network providers under this policy. Check with your doctor to determine if he or she has admitting privileges at the network hospital. If he or she does not, you may be required to use another doctor at the time of hospitalization or, if you still use a non-network hospital, you must pay the Part A deductible and any non-covered charges.
  • This option is available in specific geographic areas only and you must live within a 30-mile radius of a hospital in the Medicare Select Network to qualify.

View Medicare Select Network Hospitals. 

* Network restrictions apply

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