The Affordable Care Act is Bringing Changes to Health Care Coverage October 1.

Use tax season to make sure you and your family have the health care coverage that's right for you.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and protecting your financial security go hand-in-hand. Tax season is a great time to take stock of your overall financial health. Part of that should be to make sure you and your family has the right health care coverage.

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) relationship with H&R Block® brings together two industry leaders to help you better understand the merging worlds of health care and financial decision-making, including taxes. This year, the tax returns you file may include information about income and dependents you may need next fall in order to enroll in health coverage programs on government-run insurance exchanges.

Visit a H&R Block office and take advantage of the special savings offers. When you do, ask to be contacted by BCBSTX if you're interested in learning more about health care reform and coverage that's right for you.

As we have been for over 75 years, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas will be here to guide you during times of change.

Through It AllSM.

H&R Block Services

If you didn't use H&R Block, you may not have received the maximum tax refund you're entitled to. Bring in your 2012, 2011, 2010, and/or 2009 tax return(s) for free review by an H&R Block tax professional who will review them for accuracy and check to see if you claimed all eligible tax credits and deductions.

Second Look® Review can uncover other preparers' errors, and potentially bigger refunds. H&R Block finds money others miss.1 Second Look includes a professional review of your original tax return and advice on what to do if variances are found. If your tax return is correct, or if you have H&R Block file a corrected return for you, H&R Block will stand behind you in case you're audited. That's just part of the H&R Block Guarantee.2

With a Second Look® Review you'll get:

  • An affordable, professional review of your tax return
  • Advice on what to do next if any variances are found
  • H&R Block Guarantee coverage for penalties and interest repayment and IRS tax audit assistance if your original return is correct or H&R Block files a corrected tax return for you.2

Blue 365

Blue® members, learn about the exclusive deals available through the Blue365® Member Discount Program.

Understanding Health Care Reform
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1 Fees apply for corrected or amended returns. Offer available at participating offices.

2 If H&R Block makes an error on your tax return, H&R Block will pay resulting penalties and interest. If you are audited, H&R Block will explain your audit notice and the documentation you should provide to the auditor.

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