Health Care Centers of Excellence

Finding the right facility is important when seeking specialty care. Having peace of mind and knowing your options can help make this process easier. That’s why Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas has created the Health Care Centers of Excellence (HC COE) recognition program.

The HC COE Program identifies Texas hospitals in the Blue Essentials network that have shown they provide quality specialty care in a safe, effective and cost-efficient way. This program includes specialty care in the following areas:

How Facilities Are Measured

To be a Health Care Center of Excellence, a facility must meet both quality and cost-efficiency standards. Designations are awarded based on performance evaluations in areas such as: treatment expertise, quality care and patient outcomes. Facilities awarded this designation have proven to deliver better quality care and efficiency. Facilities are re-assessed from time to time so they continue to meet the high standards of the program.


Health Care Centers of Excellence are evaluated using industry standard quality metrics, specific to each clinical and/or surgical program. Facilities must pass rigorous, evidence-based selection standards set up in collaboration with leading medical specialists and societies that review:


How well a facility manages its costs while providing quality care is an important part of the HC COE selection process. When a facility meets all quality standards, it may then be measured for cost efficiency. Here are a few of the factors considered during this evaluation:

Find a Facility with Provider Finder

To find a facility in the Blue Essentials network, log in to Provider Finder® and look for the Health Care Center of Excellence logo.