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New User ID Maintenance Process Will Improve Response Time and Security

To improve your online experience and reduce security risks, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas will now automatically disable and/or delete inactive Blue Access® for Employers user IDs:

  • All user IDs that have not logged in for more than 180 days will be disabled.
  • All disabled IDs that do not login for more than 400 days will be deleted.
  • This will not impact Blue Access for Employers Delegated Administrators.

If your ID has been disabled, you will receive the following message, "This user ID no longer has access to the system. Please contact your security administrator for more information." Contact your Delegated Administrator or the Internet Help Desk at (888) 706-0583 to be reinstated.

If your ID has been deleted, you will receive the following message, "Login failed due to either an invalid user ID and/or password, or a connection cannot be established. Please try again." To be reinstated, contact your Delegated Administrator to create a new user ID.

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Improving Your Online Experience

Blue Access for Employers response time will improve as inactive IDs are removed, which means you'll get the information you need more quickly.


Disabling and deleting inactive IDs will reduce the chances of someone other than the actual user attempting to login and possibly compromising account content.

As always, we appreciate your feedback. Log in to Blue Access for Employers and use the Contact Us section to ask questions or to submit your comments and suggestions.

If you have any questions, please contact your Blue Cross and Blue Shield representative.

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