Blue Access for Employers

Health Savings Account Plans
Aggregate Deductible Plans**

Health Plan # Ded In/Out Individual Ded In/Out Family Office Copay Coins % In/Out Out of Pocket Maximum* Indiv/Family Pharmacy
RSH4 $1500/3000 $3000/$6000 Ded & Coins 80% / 60% $4500/$9000 80% after cal year deductible
RSH5 $3000/$6000 $6000/$12000 Ded & Coins 100% / 70% $3000/$6000 100% after cal year deductible

* Deductible plus Coinsurance Stoploss equals Out of Pocket Maximum

** If "family" coverage is selected, the family deductible amount must be satisfied before any benefits are available under the HSA plan. The family deductible amount may be satisfied by one participant or a combination of two or more participants.