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90th Anniversary

On Dec. 20, 1929, mere weeks after the Great Stock Market Crash and during one of the worst winters Texas had ever seen, Justin Ford Kimball began operating the Group Hospitalization Plan at Baylor University Hospital in Dallas. This type of plan eventually led to the idea of health insurance on which the national Blue Cross movement was founded.

In 2019, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) celebrates nine decades of contributing to public health.

As a customer-owned organization, we celebrate the members who make our health care coverage possible. From newborn babies to World War II veterans to Hurricane Harvey victims, BCBSTX members have been through it all, and it’s been our honor to walk alongside them. Our employees look forward to living our purpose – to do everything in our power to stand with our members in sickness and in health.

As health care evolves, we evolve with it. The past 90 years have been filled with monumental changes to America’s health care system including the launch of Medicaid, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act. Through it all, we have been a change agent working on behalf of our members. That’s how we launched the first patient centered medical home and became early adopters of accountable care organizations.

BCBSTX remains the only statewide, customer-owned health insurer in Texas. It is the largest provider of health benefits in the state, working with nearly 80,000 physicians and health care practitioners, and 500 hospitals to serve more than 5 million members in all 254 counties. We’ve been through a lot over the last 90 years, and that means we’re ready to continue expanding access to high-quality, affordable health care for the next 90 years. We’ve always been—and will continue to be—there for our members, Through It All.

We invite you to learn more about our story by exploring the video below. A special hashtag, #90YearsBCBSTX, is available for employees, members and the community to share special moments on social media throughout the year.

Video transcript

Blue Cross and Blue Shield 90th Anniversary

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas - traces roots to world’s first hospital insurance at Baylor Hospital in Dallas. Plan Administrator Justin Ford Kimball would eventually be called the “father of Blue Cross.”
Viennese artist Joseph Binder is commissioned to paint poster with blue cross, which soon becomes unifying symbol among emerging Blue Cross Plans.
Blue Shield symbol is created - combining serpent with U.S. Army Medical Corps insignia. Texas Blue Cross Plan incorporates as Group Hospital Services.
The American Hospital Association officially recognizes Baylor Hospital as the birthplace of the national Blue Cross movement.
Inter-Plan Service Benefit Bank (forerunner of BlueCard®) is created to coordinate coverage for members hospitalized away from home.
Nearly 70% of population is insured up from less than 10% in 1940. Blue Cross has 1 million members in Texas.
Texas Plan buys its first computer to support its involvement in Old Age Assistance program, a precursor to Medicare.
The Medicare bill is signed into law creating Medicare and Medicaid programs, which would have been difficult without Blue Cross and Blue Shield framework.
Company wins bid to cover Texas state employees under a uniform program of life, accident and health insurance. Austin Claims Service Center established to serve this account.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association forms when the two separate associations merge.
Caring for Children Foundation establishes to serve the medical needs of uninsured children across the state.
BlueCard program launches enabling members traveling or living in another Plan’s service area to receive the same health care service benefits of their home Plan.
Health Care Service Corporation is created with the merger of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans in Texas and Illinois.
Company initiates outcomes-based reimbursement contracts with hospitals and physicians to improve the quality of care.
Worldwide medical coverage launches through GeoBlue Expat® for employees in U.S.-based companies working abroad.
Affordable Care Act implementation begins. New headquarters opens in Richardson.
Healthy Kids, Healthy Families® initiative launches to improve health and wellness through community investments.
BCBSTX is only major insurer to fully participate on ACA’s retail exchanges in first year. Texas Plan launches first accountable care organization with Texas Health Resources.
Texas Medical Association and BCBSTX partner to form TMA PracticeEdge, a separate company helping independent physicians provide cost-effective patient care.
C1 Innovation Lab® opens to meet employers’ increasing needs.
1 million members are enrolled under value-based care arrangements. Affordability CuresSM launches a $1.5 billion endeavor to reduce costs and insure more Americans.
90 years and counting health care keeps evolving... and so will we.