Affordable health insurance for recent graduates from BCBSIL

Keep Your Health on Track
and Earn Rewards

The Personal Health Manager is a free, secure
online service that not only helps you track
your progress, but rewards you for doing so
through Blue Points!

How do I earn Blue Points?

Earn Blue Points by using the health and wellness features in the For Your Health section of the Personal Health Manager. You can earn points by setting up, tracking progress and meeting plan goals in the "Get Fit," "Eat Right" and "Live Well" tools, by reading and rating health and wellness related articles, or by participating in online wellness programs. You can also earn points for fitness center visits through the Fitness Program.

Blue Points are redeemable for popular merchandise like MP3 players and other electronics, fitness and sports equipment, cookware, music and books, and much more.

Step 1 Log in to Blue Access for Members and then go to the Personal Health Manager Personal Health Manager Logo
Step Two Click the Blue Points link on the PHM home page to view your point totals Blue Points Logo
Step 3 Choose the point / redemption levels to select your reward!  

*Please review the Blue Points program rules listed within PHM for complete information on the program.
Program rules are subject to change without prior notice.