Coverage - Plan Information

Plan Information

TRS-ActiveCare health care benefits are designed to provide coverage for the care you
need, encourage you to maintain your good health, and help you manage your healthcare costs. Learn more about your benefits below.

Health Plan Benefit Information

Preauthorization – TRS-ActiveCare requires advance approval (preauthorization) by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas or Magellan Health Services (Behavioral Health) for certain services.
Special Beginnings – This program is designed to provide expectant mothers with educational information and support throughout pregnancy.

Condition Management Programs – Our Condition Management Programs provide online
Resources that help you manage your condition more effectively.

24/7 Nurseline - A staff of trained, experienced registered nurse counselors is available 24/7 to answer health care questions and provide information about a wide variety of health care issues and medical, non-emergencies. Nurses provide health advice and information about high fevers, earaches, cuts and bruises and more. To talk to a nurse or to access an audio library of over 1,200 topics, call this toll-free number: 1-800-581-0368.

Prescription Drug Coverage – Your prescription drug benefit plan is administered by Medco Health Solutions, Inc.


Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Statements
EOBs are available online. You must log into Blue Access for Members to elect to receive paper copies by mail or call Customer Service for assistance.
Note: The Important Updates document attached to your EOB statement will not apply to your TRS-ActiveCare plan until September 1, 2011.