Education and Reference

Cultural and Linguistic Provider Resources

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas recognizes the importance of providing culturally and linguistically appropriate health care related services to members. To support providers in this effort, we provide educational material on providing culturally competent care, access to telephonic and face-to-face interpreters, as well as guidelines for assessing the bilingual capability of provider office staff.

To request more information on the BCBSTX Medicaid (STAR) and CHIP Cultural and Linguistic program please contact the Texas Medicaid Network Department at 512-349-4876.

View Medicaid (STAR) and CHIP Provider Manual

Medicaid (STAR) and CHIP Provider Manual (effective December 1, 2015)

  • Submit Texas Health Steps Claims on CMS-1500
  • Include Benefit code "EP1" in field 11
  • Diagnosis code "V20.2"
  • No rendering National Provider Identifier required for Texas Health Steps
  • No requirement to bill Other Insurance Coverage for Texas Health Steps
  • THSteps and CHIP Preventive visits may be performed on the same day as Acute Care services. However, services must be billed on separate claim forms

Texas Health Steps Educational Information

Locate DSHS Child Health Record Forms for Medicaid (STAR) members 

For BCBSTX CHIP members, use the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas preventive care forms. These forms are located under the Medicaid (STAR) and CHIP Clinical Practice Tools Tab.