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Beware effects of heat
Reading nutrition labels
Coping with urinary incontinence
Living with varicose veins
High risk medications
Cut your risk of heart attacks
Why you need a flu shot
Health care changes coming
Dying with dignity
Looking for Lincoln
Medical illustrator Lariviere
Medicare Basics
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Feature Stories

Dying with dignity

Dying with dignity

Hospice care lets terminally ill patients spend their final days, weeks or months taking pain medications to ease their physical symptoms. That way, they can spend the time they have left focusing on unfinished business, such as connecting with and saying goodbye to their families.



Latest News

Beware the effects of heat

If left untreated, heat exhaustion can become heat stroke, a severe illness in which the body's temperature soars to 104 or more in a few minutes. Learn how to protect yourself and when to seek medical attention.


Beware the effects of heat
Your Health

The high risk of some medications

High Risk Medication

Some medications can have severe side effects, particularly in patients aged 65 and older. Check this list of some "high-risk medications" and tell your doctor if you have any concerns about the drugs you take.


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