Diversity and Inclusion

At Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), diversity and inclusion are embedded in every part of our business. Our commitment to diversity is demonstrated in how we serve our customers, engage our employees, connect with communities in which we operate and partner with suppliers and other business stakeholders.

"Diversity is a way of doing business at HCSC. We value and practice inclusion as well as promote cultural competence among our workforce and work partners. And because we are a more diverse health care company, we can better understand our policy holders. In particular, we're more capable of seeing health issues from the consumer's perspective."

Pat Hemingway Hall
President and Chief Executive Officer
Health Care Service Corporation

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Our goal is to create and nurture a work environment that:

  • Encourages all employees to contribute their unique talents
  • Makes available the diversity of ideas and opinions needed to achieve our business objectives
  • Is open to the diverse skills, ideas and perspectives of all employees
  • Responds to the varied needs of our increasingly diverse customers
  • Maximizes individual, team and organizational performance

Business Resource Groups

At HCSC, employee engagement is a high priority. Business Resource Groups PDF Document (BRGs) are a key component to implementing diversity and inclusion at HCSC. They add value by creating a diverse and inclusive culture, supporting and contributing to business goals, enhancing community outreach efforts, strengthening the talent pipeline and helping reach new consumer markets; which are focused on four areas: Career, Commerce, Community and Culture.

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